Why Natural Cosmetic Ingredients From Africa Are Becoming Popular

September 8, 2022

Why Natural Cosmetic Ingredients From Africa Are Becoming Popular

September 8, 2022

The History

Many of the beautiful and powerful ingredients are found only in Africa, and they have a much deeper and longer-standing history than you may think.

Shea butter, for example, dates back to the times of Cleopatra, who supposedly used it prolifically. Before it became a common skincare ingredient, it was used for medical purposes like soothing rashes, reducing stretch marks, and sun protection. It was also used by many, on its own – raw and unprocessed, for skin moisturization.

Another popular ingredient is argan oil, which is known for its intense hydration, moisturization, and healing properties. This ingredient has been traced back to about 600 BCE, when it was commonly used by members of the Berber tribe.

Overall, African history is rich with numerous beauty and skincare rituals used by locals with easy access to these ingredients. They enjoyed healthy, glowing skin and natural healing techniques for generations before the skincare industry took off. While many companies are using cheap fillers and harmful ingredients to lower overhead and focus on profit, natural African ingredients like shea butter and argan oil are standing the test of time.

Where Do They Come From?

Africa is a big continent with many interesting and diverse countries, all of which have their own rich history and signature ingredients. Some ingredients are found only within a small section, while others are more widely available. Shea butter, for example, is found in many countries across West Africa, with Ghana being a major producer. Shea butter is extracted from a special nut that grows on trees that thrive in the climate of the Savannah Region in Ghana. The West Savannah region sees long, dry winters with a short rainy season in the summer.

Baobab is another popular ingredient source that comes from a tree native to Africa. The Baobab tree can grow to a height of about five to thirty metres and trunk diameter of about seven to eleven metres and can live up to more than 1,500 years! Baobab comes in the form of both powder and oil, each with several unique uses.
There are a few different species of tree in this family, many of which can be found in Northern Ghana, ready to harvest. These trees are also found in Madagascar and even some in Australia. Regardless of where they’re found, all of these trees thrive in hot, dry climates.

Baobab trees have long been nicknamed the “tree of life” by Africans. They are hugely beneficial to humans by addressing skin and health concerns, but they contribute wonderfully to their environment as well. For example, they help keep soil healthy and prevent soil erosion. They’re also an important food source for a multitude of birds, insects, reptiles, and even animals like warthogs and monkeys.

There are many amazing ingredients that come from this continent, and another popular one is neem oil. Unlike some of the others, this one isn’t as easily found. Often sourced from Ghana, neem oil comes from the fruits and seeds of the neem tree.

Neem oil is an incredible oil for the skin, offering fantastic moisturization and effective treatment of conditions like acne and eczema. It also has medicinal properties and works as a great natural insecticide.

Natural African Ingredients Have Come Full Circle

South West Six Limited is a Ghanaian company that produces and supplies ethically sourced, high quality, natural products for the local and international cosmetics market and food industry. South West Six achieves this by working with women cooperatives, which generates income for their families and allows them to develop their skills further.

South West Six’s objective is to make a positive impact on the communities we work with such as creating jobs and improving the quality of life for the communities. We strongly believe that business is about making a difference.

Stock Up On These Ingredients Today

Maybe you want to create your own personal and entirely natural skincare routine using these most effective African ingredients. Or, perhaps you’re looking to add these things into the formulas you use in your small skincare business. Either way, you’re making the right choice – one that both your skin and your customers will thank you for.

As wonderful as they are, however, these ingredients can be difficult to get due to various regulations and restrictions. Therefore, it’s often best for companies who desire to use these ingredients to partner directly with local companies such as ours! We have a fantastic selection available to you, made up of only the best, highest-quality natural ingredients from their native source.