Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower rural African women in a sustainable and profitable manner. Our values include ethical business, women empowerment, and producing high-quality products that are traceable and transparent in our supply chain.

Northern Ghana is a vast and beautiful landscape filled with breath-taking views, amazing people, and an extraordinary abundance of natural oils and butters. Despite its rich culture and incredible potential, it’s still among the poorest regions in Ghana. Especially in the more rural areas, there is a high level of poverty overall.

This comes as a result of many factors, including low agricultural activity. They face obstacles like low soil fertility and erratic rains, limiting what they can produce. There are regular seasons of hunger and malnutrition, and this is where it becomes so important to combat these patterns of poor productivity and lack of resources.

Natural African ingredients are becoming more and more popular around the world, which creates the perfect opportunity. By working with local suppliers and sourcing our ingredients directly from hardworking women and families in Northern Ghana, we actively work to reduce the overall poverty levels.

By creating partnerships with them and consistently putting out products, we give them a steady, reliable, and fair income. This reduces food insecurity and empowers hardworking women to keep building their businesses and perfecting their craft.

When you buy from us, you can rest assured you’re directly supporting the farmers and workers who personally harvested the products in your hand. We also understand that in this fast-paced world, our customers expect trust, speed, and reliability. At South West Six, we pride ourselves on building strong relationships and delivering on time and just as agreed.

Sustainable quality

100% Sustainable

Remaining 100% sustainable is part of our commitment to ethical practices - we’re nothing without our planet and we want to be kind to it. Because our ingredients come straight from the earth, we ensure the products themselves and our practices are 100% pure and sustainable. With our products, you can rest assured no harm is done to the environment.

Never Tested on Animals

Animal testing is a sad and harmful practice that’s unfortunately all-too-common. The worst part is that it’s not even the most effective way to test products - it’s just the easiest because animals can’t fight back. Our commitment to kindness extends to animals and any testing we must do is done without them.


The “cruelty-free” label is a high and in-demand standard in the beauty industry. This is an official and recognized statement that a brand or product doesn’t exploit animals for their business - and it’s one we bare with pride. We fully support the cruelty-free movement and you can find this assurance on every one of our products.

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