About Us

Our Story

South West Six Limited is a Ghanaian company that produces and supplies ethically sourced, high-quality, natural products for the international cosmetics market and food industry. South West Six achieves this by working with women cooperatives and local communities, which generates income for the hardworking women enabling them to support their families via this trade.

South West Six’s objective is to make a positive impact on the communities we work with such as creating jobs and improving the quality of life for the communities. We strongly believe that business is about making an impact and enhancing the lives of our customers and everyone around us.

When we keep our partners and communities happy and functioning well, they produce at a high capacity and with high quality. When the products are amazing, our customers trust us and they keep coming back. We pride ourselves on building trust and providing a top-notch resource for people who want a healthier and more natural approach to life.

In addition to our premium ingredients and local impact, you can rest assured your products are made entirely with ethical practices and sustainability in mind. We go beyond the products themselves to give you confidence in the entire process.

Who we are

South West Six Limited was founded in 2017 by two brothers, Aaron and Daniel Boakye. The company is headquartered in Accra Ghana, with operations primarily in Tamale Northern Ghana and Bolgatanga Upper East Ghana.

The brothers had previously lived in London, UK,  however when they relocated to Ghana, the birthplace of their mother, they wanted to continue her work with women, which was centered around supporting orphans and widows. There was also a strong call to get involved with an ethical business that supports women and communities, ensuring her passion was being kept alive.

Why Us

At South West Six, we are committed to two things – quality and impact. We work hard to make an impact where we are – improving communities and enhancing quality of life. We do this through supporting and empowering women to nurture their businesses as we source our ingredients from them directly. When the women are paid fair wages, they are able to acquire purchasing power and create opportunities for wealth generation.

As much as we care about these women and their communities, we also care about our customers and their experience. By sourcing our ingredients directly from Northern Ghana, you enjoy these oils, butters, and powders in their healthiest and most natural forms. This offers your hair, skin, and body superior nutrition and nourishment while skipping all the harmful effects of other synthetic options.

You can have full confidence in the quality and authenticity as there’s no better place to get your natural ingredients than from the people who live and breathe them in nature. Each ounce is harvested and crafted by skilled and knowledgeable hands so you can enjoy all the benefits with none of the worry. 

Sustainable quality

100% Sustainable

Remaining 100% sustainable is part of our commitment to ethical practices - we’re nothing without our planet and we want to be kind to it. Because our ingredients come straight from the earth, we ensure the products themselves and our practices are 100% pure and sustainable. With our products, you can rest assured no harm is done to the environment.

Never Tested on Animals

Animal testing is a sad and harmful practice that’s unfortunately all-too-common. The worst part is that it’s not even the most effective way to test products - it’s just the easiest because animals can’t fight back. Our commitment to kindness extends to animals and any testing we must do is done without them.


The “cruelty-free” label is a high and in-demand standard in the beauty industry. This is an official and recognized statement that a brand or product doesn’t exploit animals for their business - and it’s one we bare with pride. We fully support the cruelty-free movement and you can find this assurance on every one of our products.

Natural creations without compromise